22 April 2005

What we wouldn't do for an idea.

Ideas sell us things we don't need. I am guilty of the crime (they made me do it because I work in advertising).

I once had the idea that I was in love. For one moment, my mental capacities were reduced to that of a teenager's and I was just lapping up the lies. I don't blame myself - some major media buying was going on, and my inner TiVo was powerless. That 'L' word managed to buy into almost every single film, book, and song on the planet. How do you buck the trend when your local galaxy has been singing sappy love songs at karaoke bars and quoting lines like "you complete me"?

Now, I am one dissatisfied customer.

So I've been thinking up some campaigns of my own to counter the battle for my mind. I shall slogan myself out of this! My tagline for my very first campaign should be long and bizarre enough for everyone to remember.

"All Men Are Bastards No Matter How Nice They Seem At First".

Would it make a good jingle, you think?

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