10 October 2005

All Aboard

I told the pessimist in me to take a break. She keeps things real but wonderland is really where I always wanted to be. So I stepped, with a hop and a skip, aboard a train with unpredictable timetables and stops so long and dreary, even the most patient passenger gets fidgety.

Through the window, I waved goodbye, not knowing to what or who. Then I saw my heavy suitcases laying abandoned on the platform, and I shed no tears.

I caught a glimpse of Lost-&-Lonely Saturday afternoon. I waved goodbye.

I spotted Miss Vain Hope On A Date. And I blew her a flying kiss.

The train moved and my heart beat like a butterfly dying in the heat yet thrilled by the iridescent petal it rested on. Flap, flap, flutter it went.

Painful palpitation. I never want it to stop.