27 June 2007

Dream Job

My dream job is Steve Job's. But guess I'd settle for copywriter if my workplace looked like this. Whoops, guess I did settle after all. Then again, it WAS my dream job and years ago, this WAS my dream agency. You see, when dreams become reality, they stop becoming dreams and become.... reality.

Bling 182

I want one. One karat bling things, stand aside! Seriously! Have you ever looked into the complexity of plastic's DNA? Now that’s a real beauty.
You say let a diamond say how you feel? I say, show love for how plastic it can be!
Come, let’s celebrate fake love. The type that comes with the intense, adoring blue eyes of a Hollywood A-lister. If they can fake it, so can you. (and so can I!)
But plastic never fakes it. It is what it is, take it or leave it. (I'm taking it.)
To me, plastic is forever.

26 June 2007

Talk to the walls.

I'll be by myself in a room like this in Bangkok. Conversation will be loud though. I love uninhibited colours.