19 February 2009

Love Song For A Dracula

"I took your hand, not because it was the only one outstretched to me. I took it because at that moment, it actually had a glowing pink hue, like it was going through its first blush after being singled out on camera. Which was how Pamela Anderson became famous, actually.
But now that I have it, what do I do with it?
Do I give it mini squeezes like an osim chair? Or do I play the bamboo torture game so you know the strength of my wrath and the dungeon of my mind?
Or should i swing your arm to show you the pendulum of time hasn't moved since I was three?
On second thoughts, may I have your credit card instead?"

10 February 2009

Are you like spam?

Of the MySpace variety. Dishing out the same message over and over again.
"I am a nuisance, and unlike how I suddenly came, I will not suddenly go away"
This is just like having to listen to the same 90s un-glam rock song over and over.......
And it makes me want to use the language of Jack de la Roca (sp?)
and his tone of voice too.
What can I do?
I'll keep closing that msn window, like the time I shut out the black cat burglar who stole way too much of my precious sleep.
Someone teach me to use my filter.