24 April 2005


Blogs are my latest hobby. This might come as a surprise, judging from this far-from-prolific thing you are reading. What I mean is, I’ve been devouring these delicious bites of other people’s existence with a vengeance. Maybe I’m making up for all the months of blog starvation, being anorexic almost, oblivious to the joys of invading other people’s worlds.

Now, I’m part of a family. I might not be getting the love I deserve on my fellow bloggers’ blogrolls, but that’s okay because most families are dysfunctional these days, anyway.

Recently, I found this gem of a blog at girlsarepretty.com. A different story everyday! The joy! Morbid but hilarious stories that never fail to shock me. I wrote Pretty Girl (the writer) a very embarrassing fan mail, gushing about how she’s God’s gift to bored netizens everywhere, and how I would kill to write like that. She turned out to be a he. Only guys can be that funny, some say.

I do actually have one burning question to ask these great bloggers — if they spend so much time writing about their lives, how do they find time to actually have a life?

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Anonymous said...

I like to re-enact scene and experiences from my favourite blogs. Try it with your friends!


PS: Your revious blog was firestarter!