14 December 2007

Death & Taxes

As i speak, the issue of cab fares has become truly trite. A 10 - 50 percent hike.
Up the steep hill of first-world glory.
Hiking sounds like a good idea too, actually. I'd best be losing some weight now, with the cost of living pushing me into the corner, an inch a day.
So let's make Subway part of our quest for skinny.
Now even more effective with their shrinking portion sizes.
Green bell peppers in paper-thin slivers.
Cucumber pieces so thin, any humanitarian worker would shake their head, then try to force feed each one.
Food is becoming as costly as oil as the warmth of Christmas approaches.
But instead of 'Joy To The World', I'm going to be singing 'Die To Yourself, Joy'.
Dying to yourself means, give up what you want, so you have money to buy something for your friend.
Usually something he doesn't want, but what you think he wants.
Like they say, you only get what you give.
You give him something he doesn't want and he gives you something you don't want.
Then, to top it all, like a star on a tree, you'd probably have to take a cab to give it to him.
Ho, ho, ho! Merry Christmas!

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