22 November 2007

New year. New in loo.

Here's a quotable quote:
"With sagging comes the benefit of wisdom."
Here's another one.
"Only time will tell."
Now, the older-and-wiser individual who said this with a knowing nod and somewhat tired familiarity was right.
And right a little too often.
Yet even though time repeatedly gives us such advice of wise importance, we do not neccessarily heed.
Instead, we do the exact opposite. I am not merely bringing to mind the Israelites who, for 40 years, kept missing the promiseland beacause they were unable to follow directions and kept making the wrong turn. Or even my (many) recurrent vices and their colourful episodes.
I am here discussing the magnificent feeling of growing a year older. Which feels a bit like the bath I just took.
New to my loo is the new! Lynx body SCRUB (scrub spelt in caps as such). Its name is Snake Peel, and it glows like it's been lit by millions of tiny yellow bulbs, with the random spec of brilliant turquoise. I stare the sqeeze for at least 5 seconds before rubbing it on my skin. It's like like the miniature bulbs crack and their little broken bits rub against me, hurting me because I've gotten too close.
Snake Peel is a good metaphor for birthday-contemplation-and-resolution-setting.
Only time will tell what lies beneath the scrubbed-off cells.
Time says it's okay, the Snake Peel body SCRUB doesn't go against its wisdom, you will not sag.

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