13 July 2007

The country I wish I could love.

About this nation, I long to say these words without holding back a mite of affection:
Oh Singapore, I adore every grain of sand on your beauteous isle, each grain a genuine purchase from the shores of Indonesia and gleaming with bleached whiteness in the sun.
I pledge to defend you from shore to ever-expanding shore, oh milk-generous motherland. Upon your grade A breasts do our best, most educated minds suckle, so they mayst govern with enlightenment.
I dream of the day when I may free my now-trammelled soul to sing of my island home, with right hand over my heart, as a patriotic tear trickles down my right cheek, and fall upon the sacred ground (more precious than gold, and ever-appreciating in value per square foot, day by glorious day!)
To feel a wash of pride as I gaze upon the annual fireworks, each spark making a statement about our IRAS statements whilst flashing across costly national airspace.
But instead, I must abashedly admit, that when invaders mock your laws and culture, I sometimes nod in agreement.
Because banning chewing gum is stupid in anyone's books, even those branded EM3.


workawhorlic said...

As I recall, you did tell a certain French foreigner to get out of the country if he didn't like singlish, didn't you? Everyone gave you the thumbs up. You were tired like a camel's back and he had the straw to break it, telling your friends to speak French instead of 'Singlish with the LAHs and LOHs'. You do love your country. So there.

Eugene said...

Ha ha Joy, I really laughed so hard at this post... Upon your grade A breasts do our best minds suckle on... rich!


Daria said...

Thanks for writing this.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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