12 February 2007

Finally, some legit pain!

I fell on the hill near the cable skiiers. Should've learnt how to brake, he said later. Yes, but the sun was in my eyes and i was aiming for the arms of familiar grass. I fall a lot.

As a reward for being an honest earnest skater who made it a point to skate every single sunday, there was some real damage done. So I could stop whining about all the girlie emo wounds and focus on some serious knee ouchie.

Much to the delight of my friends who could at least ease the pain on their ears (or eyes, if on msn) — I was finally whining about something different!

The sinseh seemed pretty delighted as well. He giggled when he realised he had the power to hit (or rub) where it hurt. On both knee and wallet. And tastebuds too later — I had to take the bitter medicine just 2 percentage points less awful than our darling Prime Minister's.

I have never felt more vulnerable in my life.

It hurts more now than it did last night.

I prefer girlie emo pain any day. :(


Shaz said...

Brilliant writing, babe. Brilliant. Pls write a book in your lifetime cuz such unpublished literary talent is such a waste. ;)

workawhorlic said...

You are too kind! I'm going to slog at blog now with such encouragement!