23 November 2005

Therapy Talk

Do you have a pill for my neurosis? Please say you do.

Would you psychoanalyse me and tell me what’s wrong? It should be easy enough. Bark a command, and it might ring a bell.

As you sit there filing your nails, tell me, do you think I’m normal? Please don’t say I am.

Normal people adopt cats off the street, even though they already have ten. Normal people use words they never learnt how to pronounce in casual conversations. Normal people switch the lights off and prance around in their hostel rooms as if it were a nightclub, to Jackson Five.

And as I sink deeper into your reclining couch, pray throw me a life vest.

Save me from the crybaby, the infantile solicitor, the incensed preacher, the dominant psychopath, the philistine critic, the anorexic glutton. Save me from myself.

1 comment:

Mum of the 2 C's said...

Whooo... Jouk?

Your blog is very thought provoking. Love the analogies....

Can't think of anything cheem to add at 3am in the morning though...