02 February 2005

Dreams of flying

Today I thought about becoming an air stewardess. Please don't laugh.

I've always poured scorn on a career so banal that "fish or beef?" becomes the highlight of the workday.

Of course, physically, I'll need a few amendments here and there, but that can be solved, with more rest and some minor plastic surgery.

It's much like the life of a sailor, if you think about it. Why should men have all the fun? Why should a job require that you use your brains? Why should "beef or fish?" be such a daunting prospect?

Today i watched The Sea Inside. There was a scene where Ramon the quadriplegic flew over mountains to the beach where he met his crush of the moment. Absolutely fab scene. I wished so much I could do the same. Maybe I'm a quadriplegic after all. Stuck on my little bed, dreaming about doing things that are physically beyond me.

So I decided, I'll work myself into this lean, mean, flying stewardess so I can be free from everything — my bed, my body, but of course, not from beef and fish and fake smiles, which is okay because I've mastered that quite well already.

Back to Ramon. Despite his state of being, nothing stopped him from being loved by gorgeous women. He couldn't go to them, but they came to him. They got horny just hearing his voice. Honest. So I said to myself, even if I can't fly away like Ramon, then please let me have some of that charm.

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